Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fashion Insight

There is a lot of debates about the Fashion & Apparel Industry growth in India however, the basic root cause of the problem is within us . I am a Fashion Designer and working in the root of the fashion and apparel industry for ages. What I have realized and experienced i have summarized out here. These are some of the root causes which can be addressed. 

What are the Strengths and Challenges India faces in Fashion, Apparel and Textile to be on the top?

Indian fashion as an industry , institution , and trade has enough potential than any other top countries in the world . Yes definitely we can be on the top and can rule the world . Thing is that we don't realize what we are and what is our potential and the down turn comes because of that. When we refer the Indian potential , we have certain strong points which if we give some value to it it will give many fold results.

1. Showbiz :

Fashion Industry itself is a Showbiz business and the Advertisement and Marketing is necessary to make and create the awareness in common people . Nearly 50 - 60 % of the people buy the products seeing the advertisement and become loyal customers of any brand and labels. Talk about Top Brands. I can say more than 50% of youth population buys it wears it and feel proud about having a shoes or any other thing for that matter. Same like Livi's , Lee , and Lee Cooper. More than Half of their operating revenue goes on advertisement and marketing. Our industry in that matter is little slower or may be gives very little importance to this particular sector and the awareness among the common people are not that popular enough and that Leeds to lower turnover and less growth.Can our industries think in these line ???

2. Cost push Approach / Demand Pull Approach :

The known brands and labels don't get their profits through cutting the cost rather by increasing the awareness and there by attracting the retail customers to buy their brand products. They pull the demand and create the demand for the products. People gets attracted to their branding and advertising and buy products :if I go by definition of Demand : "Willingness and ability to pay" - they get the catch hold of " Willingness " By making their branding stronger and "Ability" by creating a hunger to have a brand product through different adds , awareness , pear pressure , and so.They take both the Skimming strategy " Making their price higher and demand higher " and Market penetration strategy by making the product widely available.So both the force taken together makes the end result in to Higher volume turnover and higher profit. Most of the foreign brands - You name any - has good pricing of their product and they get good volume of transaction .However , Cost push approach is an old method of making a large volume which really does not work out in any market at the moment . But Our industry professionals specially in India LOVE to go for it . Demand is less - Cut the cost , Sack people , Work on tight budget to get some profit . if not close the factory or industry .IT does not work out here. This is an approach of an Slave or employee who knows this is his monthly budget and he has to run the show with that money. its very simple - No branding - No consumer awareness - No demand - No Sell - No profit - and the circle goes round and round . Unfortunately our industry people take this approach and the rat race goes for ages.

3. Promotion of Indian texture :

India is a country of diversity and at the same time has integrated a lot of culture. Every part of India has new things new culture and new texture and a wide wide and wide verity of style , texture , patterns , . This can be explored and our industry people can use this big weapon to make them strong and wealthy.I can say no country in the world is that diverse than India in terms of fashion , apparel and style. Our industry professionals are not yet seen this opportunity.

4. Sourcing opportunity outside and also Inside :

Our industry professionals are focused to so called 1st world countries in an trivial expectation of getting something . This focus is good but not the best approach certainly. Think about a situation : Take any good Apparel brand : Lots of them have diversified to many other countries - they make the product in our country - Put their Branding and sell it in our country .When they make it in our country they give the cheapest possible rate and when they sell their price is the highest.Not only that their outlet is in every nook & corner of the world. Why ? They have seen the market potential not only in 1st world countries but also in every part of the world. Give me one good reason why we can not do that ??

5. Quality :

We have a basic approach when we see a local brand :Local company hey : BAKWAS HOGA . Why this ? when we do things for the bigger brand our quality is the best but when we work for local brand our quality decreases ? There is a cycle that goes - Quality is less because we assume that people don't pay for the extra effort of . This is a circle - We don't give quality product so people get bad remark . when people get bad remark industry fall short of demand because they don't prefer to buy and when we fall short of demand.In order to cope with the demand supply industry reduce price and then again compromise on quality. This goes down and down. This circle must break somewhere in order to growth and competition with the bigger brand .6. Domestic Market Exploration :

India is the second largest populated countries with 12, 000000000 and as human being every body wears clothes . and on an average every person buys a new cloth almost in every month. The number sounds good ??? This is the Indian Domestic Market which can be explored why other countries are aiming their retail outlets in India ? Because they have seen this potential and the number sounds good to them.

Hope this helps giving some in site to Indian fashion entrepreneurs.


  1. You're right in saying, when they can sell their innumerable flavours of coffee and everything else here, why couldn't we send out filter coffee to the west?

    But for garments, I feel, most of our stuff is in rich colours and most of them aren't fast. Although the fabric is excellent, but the colours would fad away in a few washes, which doesn't work there. I myself have been there for quite sometime and found them indulging in our accessories but not too much in apparels. The few long skirts or lehengas that I found, they too were too expensive and out of reach of the common. Have we evolved some kind of vegetable dyes which are fast and would fade off?

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