Saturday, September 3, 2011

Launching Apparel Brand in India

Climate Change and Shift in Consumer Preference in Apparel Designs

Fashion Industry Market is a diverse market and every region has its own facets. Moreover In present Fashion era consumers love experimenting with their looks and clothing thereby making them not much product loyalists. So giving something new every time is one of the biggest challenge for Clothing Designers and Apparel Brands. Another Factor that adds is difference in consumer preferences due to various factors like climate, festivals, lifestyle etc. So Being in Fashion Industry, You need to be dynamic and responsive at any point of time.

As Technical Clothing Designer and Fashion Consultant I perceive, Indian retail industry has gone many ways forward on consumers taste is concerned, fastest growing technology, Consumer awareness has increased many fold. Its quite obvious that Retail Brands must come up with what modern consumers require and demand on styling, fashion, fitness. Only 4% of retail need has been addressed in India. So potential of Indian Retail and Apparel industry should be explored and tested against foreign counterparts.

There are various factors you must consider to become a successful apparel brand. Understanding Factors that affects consumer preference and test and offering the best try to offer the best mix is vital for the success of your Apparel Brand. 

Adaption to Climate Change and Provide flexibility in Styles that Suits Consumers Comfort.

As a Clothing Designer it is one of the biggest challenge to give new designs that suits consumers preference. Not only in terms of style but also in terms of Comfort as per the Climatic Condition and adoption to the new and dynamic lifestyle.

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