Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fashion Trend - 2012-2013

The Fashion Trend for coming seasons and for 2012 - 2013 as far as my experience on Fashion Design and Tech Pack Design Experience is concerned are As follows.As Freelance Fashion Designer I have been working with clients across the World who are quite experienced Clothing Designers, Trend Forecasters and Fashion Journalists having great name in Fashion Industry.After Consulting most of them the most common factors that came to my mind are following and the reasons for those are quite obvious.The World is going through a Transitional Phase and there is a lot of Economical and Political changes that everyone can see across the Globe. Fashion is also not escaped from it. The Fashion Conscious consumers and the mood of Global customer now want something which would parry the current global trend of the world.

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Almost all of us agree that there is a quite increasing awareness of Carbon Credit at Durban and Increasing motivation of Going Green by saving trees . So the Fashion Trend is also actively participating on This awareness programmer by using Fabrics , Colors and Graphics which supports this movement. So the Color for the year 2012 -2013 would obviously going towards Green and Shades which are supportive colors.

The environment plays an important role which also governs how the fashion trend will move towards. Increasing heat and fitness awareness gives immense scope to active wear products which will also give comfort to the body and gives ease while doing exercise at the same time optimize the process of fitness. In this context new innovations of technical fibers, garment processing like moister wiling process not only creates scope for active wear but also increase the demand for those fibers and process are in casual and street wear fashion. Technical fiber and waking process will play an increasingly important role and will be implemented to active wear, body wear , casual wear to provide superb comfort, high performance and well being.

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